Saturday, April 3, 2010


Aladephia said...

Great as always!!!

Love your works, it is so inspirited

And I have a work is inspirited from your work,

Hope u don't mind :)

Benjamin said...

Thank you very much for this tutorial. It's just as awesome as the Desert Cliff tutorial - it is so inspiring just to watch you go through the whole process of creating an original piece of art!

I'm already looking forward to the next one. Now that we got deserts and forests covered, maybe a snowy landscape with a knight or two would be a fine subject... ;-)

By the way, is it somehow possible to download a complete set of the brushes you have used in this and the previous tutorial. That would be awesome!...

@Aladephia: Nice samurai-robot!... :-)

flaptraps said...


Thanks a lot!! im glad it helps, and it's always nice to here!

Great lighting, and brush work on the samurai! cheers.


Awesome, it's great to hear! and i'll get a few more out there and try to cover a few more atmospheres and texture techniques. Or things i have found to be really helpful. As far as the brushes go..not all of my bruhes in my menu are mine, they were gave to me so i dont really have permission to just give them to others, you know what i mean. but i'll go through soon and try to get more out there that i have made. And if you have any questions about any of them please let me know! thanks again and talk to you soon!

Nasan Hardcastle said...

I havn't had the chance to watch them yet (but did poke around in the psd for a little bit).
Looking forwar to it!

Man, you've outdone yourself this time! Hope it didn't burn you out.

Luca said...

it's incredibly Awesome, you really explained all of your process man. Well done!! Just emailed you as well.

Thanks alot for the help.

Jarvis Taylor said...

I am so freakin glad you finally put up a few tutorials. I have been trying to figure out how you create your images for a while now. Since watching them I have created three images using your techniques. they are the first three images I have on my blog. Whenever you have a moment I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you tnink.


alan said...

hi im becoming a big fan of your work. do u have any free tutorial?

thanks and keep inspiring us


pd: sorry for my bad english.

alan said...

hi im becoming a big fan of your work. do u have any free tutorial?

thanks and keep inspiring us


pd: sorry for my bad english.

alan said...

hi im becoming a big fan of your work. do u have any free tutorial?

thanks and keep inspiring us


pd: sorry for my bad english.

flaptraps said...

Hey Alan:

yeah i dont have free ones up yet but what i'll be putting up soon is a couple of work in processes and there just images but it might help a bit, but soon i should have a few free tutorials. It's kinda hard to put them together, so it takes a bit of time but i'll try and get something up soon! hope this helps! cheers


Thanks man! im glad yo like...yeah this one was a lot of work, kinda filled my plate but i really wanted to make sure everyone can get the most out of it. Thanks again

Ricardo Figueira said...

Great Video !!! Thanks for doing :D

By the way, perhaps you like to put some of your work in the Gallery -

They have the best images on the web ;D

Will Ferris said...

I think this is one of your best pieces yet. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get a chance to watch the tutorial.

Jarvis Taylor said...

hanks Rich for the feed back I will definitely take everything you said into consideration. The thing I love most about your techniques is the way your able to use light, color, and texture (which are my favorite subjects to deal with in my art). I just need to find a middle ground between your techniques and my own. I have been working really hard and hope to one day be able to work in the animation industry. Thanks again for the critique. MUCH APPRECIATED


Andrea said...

Hi Flaptraps,

thank you for the tutorial. It is inspiring and helps a lot to learn new techniques. I love the lasso- technique. I experiment a lot with this since I saw your tutorials. I would enjoy a character tutorial!

I´m looking forward to your next tutorial!

Thanks again!

surpher said...

Heads up! Richard has a 4-page workshop in the June 2010 issue of ImagineFX.

alexander said...

I bought this one as well as the last - Love your work - I don't know how busy your day is, but if you could give me a little feedback, that would be most appreciated ^.^

alexander said...

Oh yeah - You kinda replaced my old favy artist Ben Templesmith btw xD

Zack said...

Thanks for the tutorial, I'm learning allot from it. I had a quick question though, allot of the time during the tutorial you will make a selection of a silhouette and then paint inside it, even though the selection is no longer there and no layer lock is turned on, how are you making your brush strokes stay within the defined selection even though you can't see it?

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