Tuesday, March 24, 2009

o and i did a shirt for a company called ten bills, this is the image on the shirt. you can order one if you want, or you can just see it here:



anima-base said...

Wow, cool crane design.
Your tshirts is awesome.

Would you visit my blog.
There are some my tee designs.

Unknown said...
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anima-base said...

Thanks for visit my blog. Richard.
I have artworks of some unpublished T-shirts present.
Would you introduce me to Tenbills ?
Seem to receive artwork in recommendation of acquaintances in Tenbills.

Anthony Jones said...

dude checked out all of yourstuff and it's KILLER!! and dude thanks again for chatting with me, seriously made my trip to GDC amazing! still going to challenge you in a game of SKATE SUCKA! :)

anima-base said...

I'm really appreciated. Richrad!!
Would you check out my Flickr(I made it recently.)


Unknown said...

i am a big fan of yours.

Unknown said...
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flaptraps said...

Thanks guys for the comments! anima base hope that helps you out! and lyrica thanks a bunch!

Matthew Mok said...

Yo. i am a big fan of yours. Love your works. they are awesome :)

Ryan DeMita said...

tried to order this badboy, all sold out :(