Thursday, May 6, 2010

something that i've had for a bit, thought i would throw it up.


Luca Cauchi said...

Love the movement of the flow in the river. Well done man. Put stuff that you also consider "not good" or "old" - it would be nice to see it as well.

All the best.

Nasan Hardcastle said...

I still need to get around to doing something in this style. Love what you did with the samurai in the previous post.

Did you get my email by chance?

escuderoimagine said...

really cool
hi I´m Álvaro Calvo Escudero
Spanish illustrator
I like your work
Do you know ashley wood? He´s ilustrator and i think you´ll like his work, show it:


flaptraps said...

Thanks guys!

Nasan i dont remember seeing any email? you should send it again! sorry about that, but thanks g

Luca, your totally right, i'll try to post more of my stuff, thanks for the support G!

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring as usual ;) Thanks for sharing!

Scarlet said...

I really enjoy how graphic all your pieces are. Great style. Cheers

Leon Garcia said...

Richard have always loved your work, and always wondered how it was done, I now have both your videos and I was wondering just so it's more clear for me, could you write down the steps whereby you take a silhouette and apply the texture in your picture to it. In the videos you mention it but I know your pressed for time in the video and it kinda gets lost so if you can just take a moment that would be great:)

Leon Garcia said...

Ignore my previous statement, I finally figured it out:)

gaurav said...

i am a big big fan of u r art i am also an artist and some of my concepts are even inspired from urs, if u could take out little time to review my wrks that would be a huge help to me the link would be